God's Calling to Fannie Jones

Fannie Jones traveled with her brother to hear Alexander Campbell preach in 1842. Alexander Campbell was one of the founders of the Disciples of Christ movement. She was so inspired that seven years later, Fannie Jones founded First Christian Church, Paducah, Kentucky in her home with six other charter members.

Building God's House and our Family Home

In 1858 they moved to a new brick structure on North Fourth Street between Jefferson and Monroe. During the Civil War, federal troops used the building as a hospital. Then in 1893, Dr. W.H. Pinkerton began serving as pastor. In 1895, during his ministry, the sanctuary at 7th & Jefferson was finally completed. Dr. W.H. Pinkerton continued to serve as pastor of First Christian Church until 1907.

Growing our Faith

Dr. U.R. Bell served from 1922-1933 and he was especially dedicated to education. He helped organize Paducah Junior College and was its first president. During his ministry here the tower bell was installed at 7th & Jefferson. It was cast in 1868 from the steamboat "Anna P. Silver." Its tones were heard for the first time on Easter Sunday, 1928.

Serving Others

The church continued to progress under the leadership of its ministers. Leo K. Bishop led the church through the 1937 flood, in which the church welcomed the members of Murrell Boulevard Christian Church whose membership had lost its building in the flood waters.

New Beginnings

Between 1950 and 1960 it became evident that the building at 7th & Jefferson had deteriorated to the point that a new church building was sorely needed. A site was selected and the church was successful in obtaining our present seven-acre property. At the time there was no Interstate 24, no Audubon Drive, and no houses in the immediate vicinity. They selected P. John Hoener and Associates of St. Louis to be the architect for the new building. The decision was made based on cost that the Education Building would be built first, complete with offices, fellowship hall, classrooms, choir rooms, parlor, and current preschool rooms. On August 30, 1964 a ground breaking ceremony was held at what then was 4385 Blandville Road.

Witnessing God's Love for Generations

Our church was the first in Paducah to offer the Mother's Day Out program and had one of the first church sponsored kindergarten and preschools. The cornerstone was another milestone in 1965 with the first service in the fellowship hall on October 31. The cornerstone of the Sanctuary followed soon after and was celebrated on October 14, 1973.