Boldly Witnessing the Love of God to All People

First Christian Church of Paducah is a community of believers who serve one another. A place where you are loved unconditionally and where compassion and care is given to all those in need. This is how God loves you and how we seek to love one another.


Connecting as a FAMILY of Christ

Above all, Jesus Christ is Son of the Living God who offers saving grace to all who seek Him. We strive to foster a warm community of believers who love unconditionally and support one another through our individual journeys. We are committed to being inclusive of all God's children, welcoming all in the name of Jesus. We are all diverse believers and we recognize our differences as gifts from God.


Growing in our FAITH

All of us are called to be ministers witnessing the love of Christ in the world. We seek spiritual growth and renewal through Bible Study, worship and faith development groups. Prayer is a central part of our faith as it grows us closer with God and with one another. We pray for one another and seek God's wisdom for healing in our broken world.


Bringing a passion for SERVICE

We seek to make a difference in our neighborhoods and community. As followers of Jesus we help in soup kitchens and food pantries. We comfort those in need providing compassion to All. We serve our children and youth, nurturing their faith and encouraging their gifts for service. We advocate for justice in laws and policy that are fair for all people.