Why Membership Matters?

Being a member at First Christian Church is very meaningful for us. We believe that the Christian journey is best traveled together as a Family. Therefore, we encourage each member to attend worship regularly, to get involved in a Faith Group that will nurture your spiritual growth, and to serve the mission by volunteering in an active way. We also hope that all of our members will find joy in the Good News and witness God's love by sharing that joy with others in our community.

Officially, being a member allows you the right to vote in a congregational meeting. It also makes you eligible to serve in Servant Leadership Capacities within the life of the congregation.


How to become a Member

At First Christian Church, as in all congregations of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), the only requirement for membership is a confession of faith in Jesus Christ as the Son of the Living God and acceptance of him as Lord and Savior.  Those who wish to join our community are invited to come forward during the Closing Hymn to make or re-affirm this declaration in front of God and the gathered community.



At First Christian Church, we baptize by full immersion, but we recognize all bapisms and accept all baptized Christians, regardless of method.